If you use Excel and want to display the day of the week for a certain date, it is very easy with the right formula. We would like to explain how you can easily calculate and display the day of the week from a date.

How to calculate the day of the week for a date in Excel

Excel How to calculate weekday from date


Column A Column B
 18.09.2022    Weekday??


You now want to display the day of the week in column B for the date in column A. Select the cell in column B and enter the following code at the top of the formula line:

  • =TEXT(A1; "DDD")

The Excel code explains:

  • The "TEXT" command formats the cell as text.
  • A1 defines the reference to column A cell 1
  • TTTT defines that you want the day of the week to be displayed.

You now get the following result:

Column A Column B
 18.09.2022    Sunday??


The calculation is done by Excel in the background, where a perpetual calendar is stored. This means that you can have the corresponding weekday displayed for a date at any time. Not practical?

Now you know the very simple way to generate a weekday from a date in Excel.

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