If you have an older version of Microsoft Outlook installed on your Windows computer, then you may get the following error message on your screen:

"Your Exchange Admin has blocked this Outlook version - Contact an administrator for help".

This message occurs mainly with Outlook versions 2007, 2010, 2013 or 2016. In this case, the program cannot connect to Microsoft 365 services because Microsoft no longer supports the versions.

If you are affected by this, then you now have the following options:

Fix Outlook message "Your Exchange Admin has blocked this Outlook version" - here's how to

Microsoft Outlook

The easiest solution is to upgrade to the latest Office version. Besides solving the troubleshooting issue, this method also provides improved Outlook security and stability. If possible, try to install the latest update for your Outlook.

Unfortunately, things look bad for Outlook 2007 and 2010 versions, as they are incompatible with newer features.

Microsoft does not support them anymore, because they do not have any new security features integrated like the modern authentication protocol HTTP/2.

If you do not want to switch to the new Office, you can also use an alternative mail software, such as "Thunderbird". This software is always kept up to date and is OpenSource.

Now you know why you get the error "Your Exchange Admin has blocked this Outlook version - Contact an administrator for help" and what options you have now to use Outlook on your Windows PC again.

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