If you have installed the game platform Steam on your PC or computer, you can buy and play games there. So you can access, download and play all your games in one place.

Here you might be interested to know what is the total playing time of all the games you use in Steam.

How much time do you spend playing games on Steam?

Steam Played Time

In Steam, you can access the total playing time through the game statistics. Below, we would like to explain to you how to view the game time in Steam:

1. First, you need to install the Steam desktop application.

2. Then log in to your Steam account and open the game service.

3. Then navigate to "Library", further to "Home" and then to a game of your choice.

4. Here you will now see the playtime of each game as seen in the screenshot above.

To see the total play time on Steam, you will need to navigate through each game and add up the times.

This is the only way to track total time in Steam itself. Alternatively, you can make use of third-party providers, but here you have to allow them to access your account.

If you don't have so many games in your portfolio, it makes sense to add up the times yourself.

Now you know how to quickly and easily record the playing times of individual games in Steam and thus determine the total playing time.


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