You can check various temperature parameters under Windows 11 to determine whether the temperature is within the normal range. This way you can also monitor the temperature of the graphics card chip. The GPU should not get too hot, because high temperatures throttle the performance of your computer.

This is because if a certain limit is exceeded, the performance is reduced so that the temperature returns to the normal range. If you suspect that your graphics card is getting too hot and is therefore not delivering enough power, you can check this as follows:

Windows 11

How to check the graphics card temperature via the Windows 11 Task Manager

1. Open the Task Manager by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Del and then click on "More Details" if the tabs are not visible.

2. Navigate to the "Performance" tab at the top and scroll down the left side until you see "GPU". Select the entry.

3. The temperature is now displayed at the bottom of the GPU page.

The temperature is not displayed for me - What can I do?

If this information is not displayed under Windows 11, then the basic requirements for this are not met. This is because this display is only shown for dedicated graphics cards. On-board graphics cards, such as a notebook with an integrated Intel HD graphics card, do not display the GPU temperature.

What can be done if the GPU gets too hot?

A GPU that is too hot can often be remedied by thoroughly cleaning your computer or optimising the air circulation for your PC. So check that fans are running cleanly and are not dusty. Clean the insides of your computer so that the air exchange is optimal.

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