In the Windows 11 taskbar you will find a search button, with which you can quickly and conveniently search for files or information on the Internet. But if you don't use this search button, it takes up space in the taskbar, so it makes sense to simply hide it.

Do you want to know how to hide the search button in the taskbar, then we would like to explain it here in our article.

How to disable the search button in Windows 11

Windows 11 Search Button within Task Bar

The fastest way to hide the search button is to go to the taskbar settings. To do this, navigate with the right mouse button on the taskbar and then select the option "Taskbar settings" in the context menu.

The search option is the first setting you can see in the list. Deactivate it using the small switch.

Now you know how to quickly and easily disable the search button in Windows 11.

Our tip: If you still want to quickly search for something from the desktop, then you can quickly call up the Search function using the Windows key + S key combination.


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