If you see charging error five (5) on the display of your vacuum cleaner robot, then you definitely want to know how to quickly fix this error. This error means that your robot's charging system is not working properly.

The error usually occurs when dust or abrasion has accumulated on the battery or connectors. However, a deeply discharged or defective battery can also be the cause. Third-party batteries can also lead to the error.

In the following, we have compiled tips that will help you fix the error quickly and easily.

Clean the contacts on the battery and dock

iRobot Roomba

To access the Roomba vacuum robot's battery, remove the 4 screws on the bottom of the device and remove the bottom cover.

Clean the battery contacts with a dry microfiber cloth. You can also use ear swabs or an eraser for this purpose. Afterwards, test whether the cleaning has helped and the error has been corrected.

Now put the battery back in place and replace the bottom cover.

Next, please clean the battery contacts on the dock. This should also help solve the charging error problem.

Charging over a longer period of time

iRobot Roomba Charging

If charging error 5 occurs intermittently, charge Roomba once for at least 16 hours and then check to see if the error is resolved.

Battery defective or original battery not used

In some circumstances, the installed battery may have a defect and need to be replaced. If you have equipped the battery with a third-party battery, then this can also be the cause of the charging error 5.

You now know three ways to fix the charging error 5 on an iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaner robot.


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