The LinkedIn professional network is great for making or maintaining contacts in the business world. Depending on your professional environment, you receive a new contact request every day, and so it can happen that you allow people you want to block again shortly after.

Mostly because these people are not real and bother you with text messages. Therefore, we would like to explain to you in this post how you can block people in LinkedIn.

LinkedIn: How to block people

How to block People on LinkedIn

Log in to your LinkedIn account and find the person you would like to block. You can use the search function or go to your connections to do this. Now open the contact to view their profile page. Navigate to "More" and select the "Report/Block" option at the bottom of the list.

A window will open with:

  • Report profile content
  • Report a post, comment or message
  • Request help for this person
  • Block contact on LinkedIn

After you have clicked on the Block option, this person will no longer be able to contact you. You have thus successfully blocked this person.

LinkedIn Allow blocked contacts again

Go to the top right of the profile icon and then select the Settings and Privacy option. On the left side, you will see several menu items. Navigate to the "Visibility" option and scroll down to the "Block" section.

If you now select the "Unblock" option you will have to enter your password. You can now unblock a contact using the "Unblock" button.

You now know how to block people in LinkedIn so that they can no longer contact you. In addition, you now also know how to unblock people again so that they are no longer included on the blacklist.


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