If you wear a Samsung Galaxy Watch on your wrist in everyday life and also want to receive and send WhatsApp messages there, then you will ask yourself whether you need to install WhatsApp on the smartwatch for this.

That's exactly what we would like to explain to you in this post.

Does WhatsApp have to be installed on the Samsung Galaxy Watch?

Samsung Galaxy Watch

The answer is "no." You don't have to install WhatsApp on the Samsung Galaxy Watch, as this is already possible via the Galaxy Wear app. The Gear app is used to manage the Watch, so also when dealing with WhatsApp messages.

Enable WhatsApp notifications in the Galaxy Wear app

1. Open the Galaxy Wear app on the connected smartphone.

2. In the Wear app, open the settings and then the "Notifications" section.

3. Now search for "Manage notifications" and activate "WhatsApp".

From now on, your Samsung Galaxy Watch can receive WhatsApp messages and you can also reply to them with AI templates.

Is there a standalone WhatsApp application for the Samsung Galaxy Watch?

The answer to this is "no." The Samsung Galaxy Watch always uses the Galaxy Wear app to communicate through a smartphone.

You now know how to use WhatsApp on a Samsung Galaxy Watch and that you don't need to install it first.


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