Maybe you have heard of the term "10 minute mobile number" and are wondering what it is and what it means in detail. We will go into this in more detail in this guide:

 What is a 10 minute mobile number?

10 Minute Mobile Number - What is it used for?

It is an online service that can receive SMS messages. Why is this necessary? Some websites require verification of the phone number via SMS. But if you do not want to provide your personal phone number, then you cannot use the service of the website. This is where the 10 minutes mobile number comes into play.

If you enter the 10 minutes mobile number, then SMS will be received and then displayed on the page of the provider of the 10 minutes mobile number. After 10 minutes (depending on the provider) the message is automatically deleted.

This way, you can also register with services that require a phone number as verification, but where you do not want to give your own phone number.

Advantages of a 10 minutes cell phone number

A phone number can be changed if necessary, but this often takes a lot of time and stress. If one has given his own number now, then it can be that one receives unwanted calls. If this gets out of hand, then the only real option is to change the number. While this is effective, it comes with the inconvenience of having to inform friends and family of the new phone number.

With a 10 minute cell phone number, you won't have to worry about that because it is not related to your phone number.

Disadvantages of 10 minutes mobile number

Since within 10 minutes everyone can view the SMS message via the online portal of the respective provider, this service is really only to be used for absolutely non-critical registrations verifications. For all other purposes a 10 minutes mobile number is not suitable!

Providers of 10 minute mobile numbers

In the following we have listed 3 providers of a 10 minute mobile number as an example:

Now you know the meaning of 10 minute cell phone numbers and what you can do with them.


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