Android smartphones all have a keyboard on board, which includes a dictionary. This dictionary automatically learns words that you type and so it can happen that words are suggested there that you no longer want to use or that you would rather delete. But it is also possible that you can easily add new unknown words.

Anyway, in the following guide we would like to explain you how to delete or remove or add words from Android keyboard.

How to delete words from a dictionary on your Android smartphone

Android Keyboard - How to delete word´s

Samsung Smartphone

Start by opening an app that requires the keyboard. If the keyboard is displayed to you, then type the first letters of the word you want to delete. When you see the suggestion at the top, long press on the suggestion you want to remove and the trash can icon with the words Remove suggestion will appear. Drag the unwanted suggestion to the trash can and that's it.

Google Smartphones

Open an app where the keyboard opens. Type the first letters of the word you want to delete until you see it displayed in the dictionary suggestion bar. Now press on it with your finger for a long time until you see a delete button in the middle of the display. Now move the word to the trash to permanently remove it from the dictionary.

How to add new words to your dictionary

To add a word to the autocorrect for the keyboard Gboard, open the settings and navigate to "System" and then to "Languages & input" and to "My dictionary". You can now add new words to your dictionary via the plus button.

With this, you now know how to delete a word from the keyboard dictionary on an Android smartphone.


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