If you only record short videos with your iPhone, then you might want to watch them in continuous loop in the "Photos" app of the smartphone. By default, the video is only played once here.

But how can you activate the so-called "Infinity Loop" for videos, so that the video does not have to be started again manually? We would like to explain this in more detail here.

Play video in the "Photos" app of the iPhone in a continuous loop


To do this, you first need to convert the video to a slideshow, otherwise there is no option for continuous loop in the default settings.

1. To do this, open the Photos app on the iPhone.

2.Then select the video you would like to loop.

3. Go to the video page in the lower left corner on the share icon (arrow up).

4. Now select "Slideshow" here and then click on "Options".

5. Now select "Origami" for the theme and set the switch for music to "Off".

6. now select "Repeat" as mode and then go to "Done".

Your video will now play on the iPhone in a continuous loop until you stop the video.

You now know how to easily display a video in continuous loop on an iPhone within the Photos app.

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