Many users have entered their birthday in Facebook so that it is included in their profile. Friends can then always see when your birthday is and congratulate you on your special day.

Often, however, people don't want this to happen and so it makes sense to stop their own birthday from being displayed on Facebook. We would like to explain to you here exactly how this works and where you can find the corresponding setting in Facebook:

How to hide your own birthday on Facebook


1. Open Facebook via a web browser and log in to your account.

2. Go to "Account" in the top right-hand corner and then to "Settings & Privacy".

3. Navigate to "Privacy Check" and then to "Who can see what you post".

4. Select "Next" and you will see your profile information.

5. Now select the "Bubbles" for "Day" and "Year" for birthday and set the marker there to "Only me".

The setting is now applied and from now on the birthday will only be shown to you and no longer to your friends.

You have now successfully deactivated your birthday on Facebook. If other people now visit your Facebook account, they will not see any information about your birthday. Also, no friend will be notified of your birthday when it happens.

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