Little by little, the Google Pixel 6 Pro receives new features and improvements via firmware updates. In the last feature drop, a new widget was implemented that displays all battery states of connected devices.

Thus, you can see all battery levels at a glance via the widget. Especially for devices like the Pixel or Galaxy Buds, this is a useful feature, since the battery status is shown separately for each headphone.

If you are now looking for this widget, you probably won't find it on your Google Pixel 6 for the time being. Why? Because the widget cannot be found under "Battery" or "Akku". That'swhyhere'sourguide:

How to find the new battery widget on the Google Pixel 6 Pro

Google Pixel 6 Pro Battery Widget

1. Return to the home screen. Now press on a free space with your finger for a long time.

2. Now select "Widget" in the context menu.

3. Now search for "Settings updates" and expand the map.

4. You will now see the "Battery Widget", which can now be added to the homescreen by pressing and holding it.

You have just successfully added the battery widget on the Google Pixel 6 Pro and will always have the perfect overview of the current battery status of your devices.

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