If you are using a Google Pixel 7 & 6 Pro, then you can either use a screen time-out, after which the smartphone automatically turns off, or use the "Smart Stay" feature.

With the "Smart Stay" feature, the display stays on as long as you look at it. This is ensured by the front camera, which detects whether you are looking at the smartphone.

If you want to use this feature on your Google Pixel 7 & 6 Pro, Sid will have to activate it first. This is done as follows:

Detect attention on the Google Pixel 7 & 6 Pro

Google Pixel

1. Open the settings of your smartphone.

2. Now navigate to "Display" and then to "Turn off display automatically".

3. Now activate the "Attention detection" function here.

Now that you have activated the function, your Google Pixel 7 & 6 Pro will prevent the screen from turning off when you look at it.

With this, you have now enabled the Smart Stay feature on your Google Pixel 7 & 6 Pro.


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