Your Google Pixel 7 or 6 Pro have a useful feature integrated, which automatically disables the USB port when it comes into contact with moisture or dirt. This is to prevent a technical defect from occurring when you connect a charging cable, etc.

If you have now used the smartphone in the shower, for example, or if you have dropped the device in the dirt, then the following message can be displayed on the screen of the Google Pixel 7 & 6 Pro:

"USB port disabled - To protect your device from liquids or foreign objects, the USB port is currently disabled and does not recognize any accessories.

You will be notified when the USB port can be used again."

Unfortunately, it is often the case that the message does not disappear so quickly and then you can no longer charge your smartphone. In this case, you need to proceed as follows to solve the problem:

USB port disabled? Here's how you can use it again!

 USB Port disabled

1. Perform a visual check that there is no liquid or dirt on the USB input.

2. Restart the smartphone once.

3. Remove dirt or foreign objects with a small wooden toothpick.

4. Dry the port with a hair dryer set to cold air and lowest fan speed.

This should now cause the message to disappear or get the info that the USB port can be used again.

If not, you can activate the USB port yourself, of course always at your own risk.

Pull down the status bar and select the message regarding the USB port. Now select "Activate USB port". This port will now be activated and can be used again.

You now know the cause of the error message and also how to fix it on the Google Pixel 7 & 6 Pro.


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