If you own a Google Pixel 7 Pro & 6 Pro and use the initial features of the smartphone, then you will notice that there is something called Adaptive Charging. This controls the charging process so that the smartphone is charged when you need it. This is also referred to as intelligent charging or AI charging.

How much AI is really behind it is questionable, because Adaptive Charging is controlled via the alarm clock and the time. If you plug the Google Pixel 7 Pro & 6 Pro into the charger in the evening, you will notice that the charging process is very slow and you can expect a full smartphone the next morning.

However, this is rather impractical in many situations, especially when you have to work at night and need a full smartphone.

Therefore, we would like to describe below how Adaptive Charging can be disabled on the Google Pixel 7 Pro & 6 Pro:

How to turn off Adaptive Charging on the Google Pixel

Turn off Adaptive Charging

1. Open the settings and then "Battery".

2. Navigate further to "Settings for Smart Battery & Adaptive Charging".

3. Now deactivate "Adaptive charging" here.

You can then charge the Google Pixel 7 Pro & 6 Pro, no matter what time of day it is, and at full charging speed.

You now know how to easily disable Adaptive Charging on the Google Pixel 7 Pro & 6 Pro in the Android settings.


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