You have a Google Pixel 8 Pro and are looking forward to the latest firmware update for your device. However, despite the availability of a new Android version, you are not receiving any updates. In this blog post, we will discuss various possible solutions to this problem.

1. Check your internet connection

Google Pixel 8 Pro

Make sure your Google Pixel 8 Pro has a stable internet connection. A slow or unstable network can prevent the firmware update from being downloaded. Try connecting your device to a different Wi-Fi network or use mobile data to see if the problem is resolved.

2. Check the storage space

Sometimes, a full storage on your Google Pixel 8 Pro can prevent the firmware update from being downloaded and installed. Go to your device's settings and check the available storage space. Delete unnecessary files or apps to free up enough space for the update.

3. Update Google Play services

Google Play services play an important role in updating system components on your Google Pixel 8 Pro. Make sure you have the latest version of Google Play services installed. To do this, go to the Google Play Store, search for "Google Play services," and update the app if a new version is available.

4. Check the update settings

It is possible that the update settings on your Google Pixel 8 Pro are not configured correctly. Go to your device's settings and open the "System" section. Select "System updates" and check if the "Automatic updates" option is enabled. Enable it if it is disabled and check for available updates again.

5. Double-tap "Check for updates"

Some users have reported that double-tapping the "Check for updates" option causes the firmware update to appear on their Google Pixel 8 Pro. Open your device's settings, go to "System," and select "System updates." Double-tap the "Check for updates" option quickly and wait a few seconds. The update may appear afterwards.

It can be frustrating when your Google Pixel 8 Pro does not receive a firmware update, even though a new Android version is available. In this blog post, we have discussed various solutions, including the method of double-tapping "Check for updates." Make sure you have a stable internet connection, sufficient storage space, and correctly configured update settings. If none of these work, don't hesitate to contact customer service. They are there to help you find a solution.

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