The app "Google Play Services" is usually updated automatically on your Android smartphone. However, sometimes it can happen that the automatic update does not work. However, you can also trigger a manual update.

How exactly this works on an Android smartphone, we would like to explain in more detail below.

How to perform the Google Play Service update yourself

Google Play Services

Note: The following steps differ slightly depending on which Android smartphone you are using.

To start Google Play service updates manually, please follow the steps below:

1. Open the settings on your Android smartphone.

2. Now select "Apps & Notifications".

3. Select "Show all apps" - Mostly selectable via a drop-down menu.

4. Scroll down the app list and select "Google Play services".

5. In the app info, go to "App Details" (Under "Advanced" discoverable on some devices).your phone will redirect you to the Google Play services page in the Play Store.

7.Update the app version here by tapping "Update".

If you don't see the "Update" button, your app is already up to date.

You now know how to easily update Google Play services itself on an Android smartphone.

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