If you have just changed your electricity provider, you will quickly notice that electricity is currently becoming more and more expensive. Looking ahead to the upcoming electricity bill, many people are trying to find ways in their household to reduce their energy expenses.

Here you may now also ask yourself the question:

How much does a battery charge cost for my smartphone?

Smartphone while charging

Even with the current high electricity prices in 2022, charging your smartphone every day will hardly have an impact on your electricity bill. The amount of energy required is simply too low.

Electricity consumption is measured in kw/h. Many electricity providers currently charge €0.43 per kilowatt hour of electricity.

A Samsung Galaxy smartphone or an iPhone requires about 6 to 7 kw/h per year with a 25-watt charger. This corresponds to 2.58$ or 3.01§ per year. Calculated on the day, this is only 0.08 Dollar.

Accordingly, you can charge your smartphone without any problems and without having to think about a high electricity bill.

You now know how expensive it is to charge a smartphone like a Samsung Galaxy or iPhone, or that you don't have to worry about a high electricity bill.

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