Sometimes it is important to know which app version is installed on your Android smartphone. Unfortunately, it often happens that functions in apps disappear with a newer version or are included for the first time.

Hardware support is also often linked to an app version, so it is also interesting to know which app version is installed on your device. Below, we would like to describe to you how to get this info:

How to check which app version you are using on your Android smartphone

WhatsApp App-Info

1. Open the settings of Android.

2. Navigate further to "Apps" and then search for the app in the app list where you want to know the version.

3. Once you have selected the app, you will be in the app info. Scroll all the way down. The last entry will tell you which version of the app you are using.

So now you know how to find out the app version that is installed on your smartphone. You can now compare these and check if a newer version is available, features included or omitted.


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