A supermoon is when the moon is in or near the closest point of its orbit around the earth. The actual difference in size between a full moon and a supermoon is quite small.

 However, if you would like to photograph this now with your smartphone during a moonrise, then we have collected the best settings for the camera for you here.

How to take a picture of the supermoon with your smartphone

Supermoon picture taken with smartphone

First of all, it should be said that only the fewest smartphones are technically suitable for taking really good photos of the moon. Most of them are devices from the premium segment, such as the Samsung Galaxy Ultra or Pixel Pro models. An optical zoom lens is an advantage.

Preparation for supermoon photos

The following tips will help you take photos of the moon:

  • Use a tripod
  • Use the self-timer so you don't blur the picture

Camera settings

When the supermoon is in focus, tap it to keep the camera focused on it. Most devices will then automatically choose the optimal exposure.

Of course, it works even better with a Pro mode within the camera app.

Sets the following settings here:

  • Exposure time e.g. 1/20 second select and gradually lengthen until the moon is bright enough.
  • Select as low an ISO value as possible to avoid noise. The ISO value should be 50 or 100.

With the above settings, you should get great results in moon photography.

We hope you will succeed in taking beautiful pictures of the supermoon, blood moon or the full moon.


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