If you are interested in the new Samsung Galaxy A23 5G and now want to know whether the smartphone is equipped with a screen protector ex works, then we would like to inform you here whether such a protection is available.

Because a screen protector ex works has many advantages:

Your smartphone display is optimally protected from scratches. In addition, the film is perfectly industrially applied, so that no bubbles appear under the film. Furthermore, protective films applied to the screen at the factory last much longer than those from accessory stores.

And now we come to the answer of whether the Samsung Galaxy A23 5G has a screen protection film attached ex-factory.

Is a protective film attached to the screen of the Samsung Galaxy A23 5G?

Samsung Galaxy A23 5G

The answer is unfortunately: No

The Samsung Galaxy A23 5G does not have a screen protector attached ex-factory, which is why it has to be purchased from accessory retailers, for example here on Amazon.

You now know that the Samsung Galaxy A23 5G does not have a screen protector installed on the screen ex-factory.


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