Samsung Galaxy smartphones have their own integrated voice assistant, which is known as "Bixby". With this, you can control various functions on your smartphone using voice commands.

Bixby is so prominent that it has even been assigned its own button. If you do not use Bixby and simply want to deactivate it, these instructions explain step by step how to do this on a Samsung Galaxy smartphone:


Remove Bixby function from the power button

The power menu button on the Samsung Galaxy is used to open Bixby. Fortunately, this can be disabled.

1. Open the settings on your smartphone.

2. Then select "Advanced functions" in the settings.

3. Now navigate to "Side Button" and change the action for "Press and Hold" to "Power Menu".

If you now hold the side button of the Samsung Galaxy smartphone, you will now see the power menu with the options to "Switch off", "Restart" and "Lock".

Deactivating the Bixby wake-up command

Bixby can be opened at any time using a wake-up command. This is done by saying "Hello Bixby". This function can also be deactivated as follows:

1. Open the Android settings again on the smartphone.

2. Now go to "Bixby" and then to the "Compass icon" on the Bixby bar.

3. Then navigate to the three-dot menu symbol at the top right and select "Settings".

4. Now simply deactivate the switch for "Voice Wake-Up".

Your Samsung Galaxy will now no longer listen to the wake-up command, which means you have disabled all the functions that let Bixby run on your smartphone.

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