You can easily duplicate or make a copy of an app on a Samsung Galaxy smartphone so that you can use it with another account, for example. This is made possible by two useful functions within Samsung's OneUi interface.

Namely, the "Dual Messenger" and "Safe Folder" function. Which variant you should use depends on which apps you want to duplicate.

Variant 1: Use Dual Messenger

Samsung Galaxy Dual Messenger

Dual Messenger is only available on dual-SIM smartphones in the Samsung Galaxy series. It allows you to duplicate certain social apps like WhatsApp, Skype, Snapchat, Facebook, etc.

To duplicate an app, please do the following on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone:

Open the settings and go to "Advanced Features" and there to "Dual Messenger". A list of all duplicatable apps will be displayed. Select the app you want to copy.

Then navigate to "Install."

You will find the copied app on the Apps screen. Copied apps are marked with the Dual Messenger icon consisting of two circles to make them distinguishable from the originals.

In addition, you can also copy apps on your samsung Galaxy smartphone if you use the Safe Folder.

Variant 2: Using the Safe Folder

Secure Folder Samsung Galaxy

First, you need to enable the Safe Folder on the Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

To do this, navigate to Settings and then to "Lock screen and security". Here you will find the wizard for setting up the "Safe Folder". Select the menu item and then follow the wizard.

If you have enabled the Safe Folder on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone, then you can create copies of apps in it. In the Safe Folder, select the plus icon and then select the apps you want to copy. Then go to "Add."

Thus, you have learned two ways to copy or duplicate an app on the Samsung Galaxy smartphone.


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