On many Samsung Galaxy smartphones, there is the option to activate a so-called motion capture in the camera app. A short video is recorded before each picture. The photos that you have taken with motion capture are automatically played back in the gallery.

If you do not want to use this function in the future, we will show you how to deactivate motion capture in the camera app and how to turn off the automatic playback of moving images in the gallery.

Disable motion capture in the camera app

1. First of all, please open the camera app.

2. Now select the icon with the square and the small arrow in the live viewfinder, as visible in the screenshot below:

Deactivate Motion Capture on Samsung Galaxy

3. This will now disable motion capture and you will see a corresponding message pop up on the display.

From now on, when you take a photo, no more short videos will be recorded before it.

Disable motion capture in the gallery

Even if you have disabled motion capture in the Camera app, you will still see a short moving preview in the Gallery app. If you want to disable it as well, then navigate to the gallery settings as follows:

1. Open the gallery.

2. Select the three-dot icon in the lower right corner of the album overview.

3. In the context menu you will now find "settings" - select it.

4. Now deactivate the switch at "take motion photos automatically".

After that, the short videos will no longer be played automatically in the gallery of your Samsung Galaxy, so you can view your photos more pleasantly.

Now you know how to disable motion capture on Samsung Galaxy smartphone in the camera app and gallery.

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