If you are making a phone call with your Samsung Galaxy smartphone and then notice that the person you are talking to cannot understand you, then it may well be due to a faulty or even defective microphone.

There can be many reasons why the microphone of your Samsung Galaxy does not work. For example, a poorly configured app can cause the problem, a firmware update or hardware damage. Whatever the reason may be, we would like to help you solve the problem as soon as possible with the following tips:

How to fix problems with the microphone on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone

Microphone smartphone

Tip 1: Clean the microphone carefully

If you haven't cleaned your Samsung Galaxy for a long time, then dirt may be the cause of the malfunction. Clean the microphone carefully with a toothpick, but without penetrating too far into the case.

Tip 2: Check for new firmware updates

Firmware Update

Check if there are any updates available for your smartphone. Navigate to:

  • Settings --> Software update --> Download & install.

If an update is available, download and install it.

Tip 3: Connected to a Bluetooth device

Make sure your Android device is not connected to a Bluetooth device that has a microphone. It is not because the microphone is not working, but because you are speaking into the wrong microphone. Therefore, disable the Bluetooth connection as a test.

Tip 4: Safe mode

Start your Samsung Galaxy device in safe mode to see if the problem is caused by a third-party app. Safe mode is activated by holding down the Volume Down button during a reboot until the smartphone is completely booted up.

Tip 5: Check microphone authorization of the phone app

Check apps that use your device's microphone:

To do this, go to "Settings" and then "Apps". Now select "Permissions" and then "Microphone". Check all apps that have or should have access to the microphone and then enable/disable the corresponding apps.

Tip 6: Test the microphone via the service menu

Service Menu

Open the Samsung service menu by opening the phone app and then entering the following code: *#0*#

This will open the service menu where you can now perform a microphone test via "Speaker". If the result here is also that the microphone does not work, it is very likely that it is defective.

We hope that one of the above tips helped you to solve the problem with the microphone or to find out if the microphone has a defect.

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