The Samsung Galaxy series has finally received the update to Android 13, which brings many new features, especially in the area of "privacy".

However, if you have installed the update on your smartphone, you may experience minor or major errors.

Increased battery consumption, jerking in the interface, apps that do not respond and much more. The remedy is usually a short but quick workaround, which we would like to describe here.

Android 13 update - fix errors with Wipe Cache Partition

Android 13

 The Wipe Cache Partition fixes a large part of the errors, as it removes old temporary system files from the system. If possible, this procedure should always be performed after a major Android update with a version jump.

 The following is the procedure for the Samsung Galaxy :

After you have performed each step, the smartphone will reboot.

Most of the problems you had with the new Android 13 should now be gone. If problems still occur, then it is helpful to perform a full factory reset.

You can find the appropriate instructions here:

We wish you a lot of fun with the new Android.


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