The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE is the fan edition of the S21 series and should convince users with a good price/performance ratio. Many fans already own the S20 FE, which is equipped with a MicroSD memory card slot. This means that the memory can be added to without any further problems.

Now, before buying a Samsung Galaxy S21 FE, you will ask yourself the question:

Does the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE have an integrated microSD memory card slot?

 Samsung Galaxy S21 FE

We would like to give you the answer to this question:

Unfortunately, the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE no longer has an integrated option to use a MicroSD memory card.

This means that the smartphone, like the rest of the S21 series, will no longer use this type of memory expansion. This will probably disappoint many of the Samsung Galaxy fans and perhaps tip the scales against switching to the new model.

What do you think about the omission of the microSD memory card slot on the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE? Let us know in the comments.

You now know that the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE does not have the option to expand the memory using a memory card.

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