You can activate fast inductive charging on your Samsung Galaxy S22, S22 Plus or S22 Ultra in addition to fast charging via cable. This function is not activated ex works and can only be used after successful activation.

We would like to explain to you here how you can easily activate and use fast charging via cable and induction on the Samsung Galaxy S22.

Samsung Galaxy S22

How to activate fast charging via cable

To be able to use the fast charging function of your smartphone when it is connected to an appropriate charger, you must first activate the function as follows:

1. open the settings and then "Device Maintenance".

2. Now go to 'Battery' and then to 'Battery'.

3. Now select 'Advanced battery settings' at the bottom of the page.

4. In the "Charging" section, activate the "Quick charge" option by setting the slider to "On".

If you now charge your smartphone via USB cable, you will be able to do this with the fastest possible charging current.

Activating fast charging via induction

When fast charging via induction, it is important to note that this option is only available once you have placed the smartphone on an inductive charging station that supports fast charging.

So place the Samsung Galaxy S22 once on an induction charging cradle that is connected to the power network. Then navigate again to the "Advanced battery settings" menu as described above and then activate the "Fast inductive charging" option in the "Charging" section.

You now know how to activate fast charging in the Android settings on a Samsung Galaxy S22 smartphone.

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