The Samsung Galaxy S22 series has excellent camera modules integrated, with which you can create great macro shots in everyday life. Be it an insect or a detailed shot of a flower, this is no problem with the S22, provided you know how to use the macro mode of the camera.

That's why we would like to explain here how you can activate the macro mode for the camera on the Samsung Galaxy S22.

How to activate the macro mode on the Samsung Galaxy S22

Insect photo with macro mode

1. First open the camera app on the Samsung Galaxy S22.

2. Now select "More" in the shooting modes below and then select the "Pro" camera mode.

Camera Mode

3. Navigate to the icon with "AF" in the toolbar at the bottom.  (AF stands for autofocus)

4. Move the slider all the way to the left to the flower icon to enable macro mode, or to set the focus to maximum proximity.

Depending on which Samsung Galaxy S22 model you are using, the focusing may be better or worse at close range. This is due to the use of the camera lenses. The S22 Ultra unfortunately has weaknesses here in macro. Therefore, try to take pictures at close range with one zoom level.

We now know how to easily activate and use the macro mode on the Samsung Galaxy S22.

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