The Samsung Galaxy S22 can notify its user via a flash. This uses the LED flash of the camera. If you have activated the flash LED notification, you will no longer miss an incoming call or message, even if you have to mute the smartphone.

If you have not yet activated the LED flash notification, then we would like to explain to you in this article how you can switch it on and use it:

This is how you activate the LED flash notification on the Samsung Galaxy S22

LED Flash Notification

1. On the smartphone, open the settings and then "Accessibility".

2. Now go to "Advanced settings" and then to "Flash notification".

3. You can now activate the switches for "Camera flash LED notification" and/or "Screen notification". Use the sliders to do this.

Via "Preview" you can now view a live preview of the function. You now know how to easily activate a notification LED on the Samsung Galaxy S22.

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