If you notice on your Samsung Galaxy S22, S22+ or S22 Ultra that the compass in Google Maps, Sky-Map or another navigation application does not show the correct compass direction, then you should recalibrate it.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 can perform the compass calibration via different areas. We would like to explain them to you here:

Performing the compass calibration via the service menu

Samsung Galaxy Service Menu compass calibration

1. When you are on the home screen of the Galaxy S22, open the phone app. 

2. Select the numeric keypad to enter numbers manually.

3. Enter the following code next:

  • *#0*#

4. You will now see the service menu of the Samsung Galaxy S22, which provides different tests via various tiles.

5. Select the "Sensor" tile here.

6. Navigate downwards to "Magnetic Sensor". You will see a circle with a line and a number behind it. This has the following meaning:

  • Red line with a 0 = The compass sensor needs to be calibrated.
  • Blue line with a 3 = The magnetic sensor is calibrated.

To calibrate the compass, turn the Samsung Galaxy S22 once around all three axes and swing the device in front of you in the shape of a lying eight. Do this until the circle shows a blue line and a 3.

Compass calibration via Google Maps

Calibrate the compass via Google Maps

If the way via the Samsung service menu is too complicated for you, then you can of course also perform the calibration via Google Maps.

1. Open the "Google Maps" app.

2. Activate the location information (GPS) so that you are displayed as a blue dot on the Google Maps map.

3. Select yourself (blue dot) on the map.

4. You will see the button "Calibrate compass", select it.

5. Now wait about 30 seconds to calibrate the compass using the conventional method. After that, you will see a pop-up window that shows you the compass accuracy.

6. If it says "LOW" in red color, then swing the Samsung Galaxy S20 in the shape of an eight.

7. Repeat the process until the status is set to "HIGH".

You have now learned two ways to calibrate the compass on the Samsung Galaxy S22, S22 Plus or S22 Ultra.

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