If you own a Samsung Galaxy S22, S22 Plus or S22 Ultra and have received it with a new contract, you will most likely want to deactivate the mailbox on this device.

Call forwarding to the mailbox is done via call forwarding, which is automatically activated when a pre-defined amount of time has been reached. If you do not want to use the mailbox function on your Samsung Galaxy S22 at all, we will show you the quickest way to deactivate it completely here:

This is how to deactivate the mailbox on the Samsung Galaxy S22

How to disable Voicemail on Samsung Galaxy S22

1. Open the phone app on the Samsung Galaxy S22.

2. Now switch to the number field and enter: ##002#

3. Press the green handset as if you were making a call.

This will now send a network code from your Samsung Galaxy S22 to the provider to cancel the call diversion set up to the mailbox.

From now on, your Samsung Galaxy S22 will no longer automatically activate a voicemail if you do not pick up or push the caller away when you make a call.

You have successfully and most quickly deactivated voicemail on your Samsung Galaxy S22.

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