On the Samsung Galaxy S22 it can sometimes happen that a Bluetooth connection causes problems. For example, the connection may be interrupted, it may not be possible to establish a connection or the signal may only be distorted when it reaches the end device or vice versa.

However, you can often quickly solve Bluetooth problems on the Samsung Galaxy S22 by using the following workaround:

How to quickly fix Bluetooth problems on the Samsung Galaxy S22

Note: Often a simple reboot of the Samsung Galaxy S22 will help, and this should definitely be tried first to solve the problem.

Otherwise, please follow these steps to reset the network settings or Bluetooth settings.

1. Open the settings on your Samsung Galaxy S22.

2. Now select "General Management" and then "Reset".

Reset Menu on Samsung Galaxy S22

3. You can now select the following option: "Reset network settings".

4. Confirm the process by selecting "Reset Settings".

Reset network settings like Bluetooth

This will now reset all network settings of WLAN, mobile data and Bluetooth, which means that you will have to add Bluetooth devices and networks again.

However, this is often the only solution if you have a Bluetooth problem with another device.

You now know what to do if you have Bluetooth connection problems on your Samsung Galaxy S22.

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