One of the most useful features of the Samsung Galaxy S22, S22+ and S22 Ultra is the flashlight function. This uses the LED camera flash on the back by activating it permanently. The result: a cone of light that sufficiently illuminates dark rooms or areas.

This is a super handy feature and every Samsung Galaxy user should know about it. We'll explain how to use this feature on the Samsung Galaxy S22 quite easily here:

Here's how to use the Samsung Galaxy S22 as a flashlight

How to use Samsung Galaxy S22 as flashlight

1. Drag the status bar from the top into the display with two fingers.

2. Now look for the "flashlight" widget.

3. Select it and the flashlight will be activated.

The flashlight is turned off again by selecting the icon again and it will no longer be displayed in color.

Adjusting the light intensity of the flashlight

Adjust Brightness of torch

If you want the flashlight to be brighter, you can adjust this setting in 5 steps as follows. As described above, drag down the status bar and then select the "Flashlight" text (not the icon).

This will cause you to now see the flashlight brightness settings. To achieve the maximum brightness, select level "5" here now.

You now know the procedure for using the flashlight on the Samsung Galaxy S22 and setting the maximum brightness on it.

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