If you want to use the excellent camera of the Samsung Galaxy S22, S22+ or S22 Ultra, you may suddenly get the following error when opening the camera app:

"Warning Camera failed".

The camera can't be used after that, instead you need to exit the app. If you are struggling with this problem on your Samsung Galaxy S22, for example after a firmware update, then we would like to present you with tips and workarounds here on how to fix this quickly and easily:

How to fix the "warning camera failed" on the Samsung Galaxy S22

Warning Camera Failed

Restart smartphone

Power Menu

To begin with, you should try the simplest of all solutions. Namely, by restarting the smartühone once. This often leads to a quick and uncomplicated fix of software problems.

Drag the status bar from the top to the bottom with two fingers and then select the power off icon at the top. Then go to "Restart".

Clear data and cache of the camera app

Clear Cache and data

Moving on, the next workaround is to clear the data and cache of the Samsung Galaxy S22 camera. This will then cause the data to be recreated, which often quickly fixes the "Warning Camera Error" error.

To do this, open the settings and then: Apps, Camera app, Memory. Now select Wipe data and Clear cache here.

Perform a wipe cache partition

Wipe Cache Partition

If this did not help either, the next step of troubleshooting must be started. Perform a Wipe Cache Partition on your Samsung Galaxy S22. You can find the exact procedure linked in the following article:

Perform "Repair Apps"

Repair Apps

As another option, you should use the option to recompile all apps on the Samsung Galaxy S22. This method helps especially after a firmware update, where the compiled app data was not adapted to the new version. You perform the function on the Samsung Galaxy S22 as follows:

Check camera hardware for defects

Service Menu

If the above solutions did not work, there might be a hardware defect in one of the camera modules. To test this, you have to navigate to the Samsung service menu. You do this as follows:

Open the phone app, go to the "Keypad" tab and enter the following code: *#0*#

In the service menu, you now have to tap on the "Mega Cam" field. This is a test for the camera and is controlled by an extra software. Thus, you can exclude that the error is triggered by the Android camera software.

If the camera works in this service test menu, everything is fine and there is a more serious problem with the Android camera app. A factory reset will then remedy the situation

If the test does not work here either and no camera image is displayed, then the camera module in your Samsung Galaxy S22 is probably really defective. If that is the case, only a repair in a service center under warranty will help.

We hope that you were able to quickly fix the "Warning Camera Error" error on the Samsung Galaxy S22 with our guide and that no major problem occurred.

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