The Samsung Galaxy S23, S23 Plus and S23 Ultra have a cool feature hidden in the gallery app, namely the mode for cropping objects of an image. This Photoshop tool allows you to free up cool sections of a photo, save them separately, and copy and paste them into other images.

How to use this new tool on the Samsung Galaxy S23 in the Gallery app is what we would like to explain to you in this post:

Crop objects on photos with the Samsung Galaxy S23 gallery app

Cropped Helicopter with Samsung Galaxy S23

1. first open the gallery app on your Samsung Galaxy S23.

2. Select the image on which you want to crop an object.

3. Place your finger on the corresponding object on the image and press and hold it. A small rotating circle appears and the object is highlighted. 4.

You will now see the following options:

- Copy

- Split

- Save

You can now select an option to edit the cropped object.

If you would like to paste the cropped object on another photo using "Copy & Paste", then we would also like to explain to you exactly how this works:

Paste cropped objects on other photos - this is how it works

First, select "Save" from the options shown in step four. Next, go to the photo in which you want to insert the cropped object.

Now select the "Sticker" icon and then click on "New Sticker". Now select the previously saved cropped image as the new sticker.

You can now easily insert this on the photo and then save it.

You now know how to easily crop objects on photos on the Samsung Galaxy S23 and then paste them on other photos.

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