On some Samsung Galaxy smartphones, the following message may sometimes appear in the status bar but never disappear:

"Speech Services by Google - Update for *your language* is downloading - Waiting for network connection".

If you see this message and it does not disappear, the error is usually due to the app itself. Therefore, you should now use the following workaround to quickly fix the error:

"Speech Services by Google - Waiting for network connection" - here's how to fix it

 Play Store - Uninstall Speech Services

1. Open the settings and navigate to "Apps".

2. Enter "Speech Services by Google" in the search field at the top and then select the app.

3. In the app info, scroll all the way down to "App Details in Store".

4. Now select "Uninstall" in the Play Store.

5. Then install the app again by searching for it in the Google Play Store.

6.This time, go to "Install" again.

7. Restart your Samsung Galaxy once - the error should now have disappeared.

You have now quickly and easily fixed the "Speech Services by Google" error on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone. 


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