With TalkBack, you get a function in Android that reads out the screen content for you. The control of the smartphone is also adjusted and therefore this function is often difficult to deactivate.

That's why we would like to explain to you here how you can easily turn TalkBack off again under Android.

Use Google Assistant to disable TalkBack


The easiest method is to use Google Assistant to turn off TalkBack.

1. Start Google Assistant first.

2. Now say "Hey Google" and then say "Turn off TalkBack".

3. Assistant will confirm that it has disabled the feature on your phone.

With this, you have quickly and easily turned off Talk Back.

Disable TalkBack via the settings

Here, let's explain the controls to you first:

  • Swipe right or left to switch between items.
  • Double tap on element to select it.
  • Use two fingers to drag.

If you don't want to use Google Assistant, then you can turn TalkBack yuch off via Settings.

1. Open the settings on your phone.

2. Then navigate to "System" and then on to "Accessibility".

3. Go on to the option "TalkBack".

4. Now deactivate the "TalkBack" or "Use TalkBack" option.

You now know where on your Android smartphone you can disable TalkBack.


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