If you want to share or exchange large amounts of data such as pictures or videos with another Android device, you can use "Nearby Share", which works similarly to "Wi-Fi Direct". The function uses the Wi-Fi connection to transfer data from one smartphone to another.

If you want to receive pictures or videos from someone via Nearby Share, the other device may not be able to find your Samsung Galaxy smartphone. This is not due to a technical problem or incompatibility of the devices, but to a setting of the function itself.

Therefore, we would like to briefly explain to you here which option must be activated for Nearby Share so that you can transfer data from other devices to your Samsung Galaxy:

Enable Nearby Share visibility for all devices

Nearby Share is configured by default so that you can only receive data from contacts. This means that a contact must be stored in your Google Account in order to receive data. However, this is not always the case and that is why you now only need to briefly increase the visibility to "All" for data transmission. This is how it works:

1. Pull down the status bar on your Samsung Galaxy. 

2. Look for the toggle "Nearby Share" and press it with your finger for a long time.

Status Bar - Nearby Share

3. Now select "Device visibility" and then activate the "All" mode.

Nearby Share Visibility 

4. Also make sure that the "Temporary only" option is selected.

Afterwards, another device will be able to find your Samsung Galaxy smartphone via Nearby Share without any problems. This means that nothing more stands in the way of a data transfer.

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