An app icon indicator shows you directly on the apps icons whether a new notification has arrived. This takes the form of a small dot or a dot with a number in it. The number corresponds to the number of unread notifications.

If this app icon indicator is suddenly no longer displayed on your Samsung Galaxy S22, then you can enable it again as follows in the Android settings:

App icon indicator disappeared? Here's how to activate it again!

App badges on Samsung Galaxy

1. First open the Android system settings on your Samsung Galaxy S22.

2. Go to "Notifications" and then to "Advanced settings".

3. Select "App icon indicator" and activate it via the switch. 

Activate App Badges

4. You can now select "Style", whether it should be displayed as a number or as a dot.

Now you will see the app icon indicator again when your Samsung Galaxy S22 receives a new notification.

Now you know how to reactivate the App Bagde on your Samsung Galaxy S22.

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