If you notice on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone that the Spotify app under the status bar no longer disappears even though you have stopped playing music, then there is usually a bug with the app.

Because the  access to the player, which is fixed in the status bar, should disappear when you close the app via Task Manager, for example. If that is not the case, then you can fix the problem on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone with this simple move.

Spotify player always under the status bar - How to hide?

Spotify Player status bar

1. On the Samsung Galaxy, open the settings and then "Apps".

2. Now look for "Spotify" in the list of APps and select the entry.

3. Now select "Force Quit" to make Spotify disappear from the status bar.

The error should no longer occur when you reopen Spotify afterwards, as this error only occurs sporadically when the app "chokes".

We hope that this quick workaround has helped you fix the problem quickly and swiftly on the Samsung Galaxy.

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