Spotify users can show how deep and diverse their music taste is with the help of an "Iceberg". The "Iceberg" is often displayed in Youtube or Reddit posts to symbolize how deep you are in a topic. In this case, the less known or very specific information is displayed further down the iceberg, i.e. it is below the surface of the water.

With the web app Icebergify, every user can now create a Spotify iceberg. In doing so, the app scans through the Spotify library. It then ranks the bands you listen to by popularity. The deeper you go into the layers of the iceberg, the more unknown the band or artist is. Thus, you can determine whether you listen to more mainstream or very offbeat music.

How To create your own Spotify iceberg


1. open the Icebergify website ""

2. navigate to "Create Yours" and log in with your Spotify account.

3. You now need to give the app permission to access your music library.

4. your Spotify iceberg will now be created.

You can then save it using a screenshot or share it.

With this you know nu the possibility to create a Spotify iceberg and what it is all about.


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