If you drive an Audi, then you may notice that the ABS light does not go out a few meters after driving off. The error that is stored in the ECU for this is 00290.

The description of the error is given as:

  • 00290 - Rear left speed sensor

If you are confronted with this problem with your Audi, then we would like to help you here to eliminate the error or to find the cause.

How to fix the error 00290 at Audi


First of all, there are different causes that lead to the error 00290 being displayed. The following causes are possible:

  • Short circuit or interruption of the speed sensor.
  • Speed sensor not installed correctly
  • Speed sensor defective
  • Rotor of speed sensor damaged or dirty
  • Line interruption

Accordingly, you must now start looking for the fault.

First of all, the affected wheel should be removed and then a visual inspection of the cable and the rotor should be made. If there are no obvious faults, the sensor must be removed.

If the sensor is removed, it must be cleaned, as it is often dirty. Particularly with the plug connection, you can often remedy error 00290 with the help of contact spray.

If no cause for the error can be found, the sensor should be replaced. Either via an expert workshop or if you are confident enough to do it yourself, then do it yourself. You can find the necessary speed sensors for sale on Amazon.

You now know what Audi error 00290 is all about and how to fix it.


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