Do you own the Mi Band 6, Mi Band 5 or are you planning to buy one, then you will certainly want to know whether you can also read WhatsApp messages on it or maybe even answer them. We want to give you the answer to this with this tutorial.

But first we want to answer the following question:

Can I read WhatsApp messages with the Mi Band 6, Mi Band 5?

 Read WhatsApp images on MiBand

Yes, the Mi Band 6 and Mi Band 5 are compatible with WhatsApp and you can read messages received in chats on them. However, in order for this to work without any problems, you first need to make a few settings in the MiFit app. We will go into this below.

Can I write messages with the Mi Band 6 and Mi Band 5?
The Mi Band 6 supports the ability to send so-called quick replies. This means that you can choose one from a list of pre-written replies and send it.

Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to write messages with the Mi Band 5 fitness wristband. The display is simply too small for this.

How do I receive WhatsApp notifications on my Mi Band 6 or Mi Band 5?

 To do this, you have to activate the appropriate options in the settings of the MiFit app. This works as follows:

1. On a connected smartphone, open the MiFit app.

2.Go to "Profile" at the bottom right and then to "Mi Smartband 6" or "Mi Smart Armband 5".

3. Now select "App Notifications". 

4. Go to "Manage apps" at the very bottom

5. Look for the app WhatsApp and tick the checkbox to display messages from it on the Mi Band 6 or Mi Band 5.

That's it! From now on, your Mi Band 5 will show WhatsApp messages on the display when such a message arrives on your smartphone.

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