Many Samsung Galaxy owners are experiencing problems after updating to Android 13. Whether it is the Galaxy S21, Galaxy S22 or another model, it can happen that after the update certain apps no longer work, the device becomes hot, animations jerk and much more.

If you are also affected by problems after the firmware update to Android 13, then please try the following two workarounds to repair Samsung Galaxy:

Repair Samsung Galaxy after firmware update to Android 13

In order for the smartphone to work as usual after the update to Android 13, please proceed as follows. Two steps are necessary. In the first step, old temporary data is deleted and later rebuilt with Android 13 specific data. The second step is to repair the apps that are installed on the device.

Step 1: Perform Wipe Cache Partition

Wipe Cache Partition

 This step is somewhat complex and therefore requires its own instructions. It is important to note that NO personal data is deleted during this process, only old temporary data, which is then rebuilt. You can therefore carry out the Wipe Cache Partition without worrying:

This is how the Wipe Cache Partition is carried out at Samsung
After the smartphone has rebooted, switch it off again and start with step 2.

Step 2: Repairing apps via the recovery console

Repair Apps - Recovery Menü Samsung

In step 2, you also need to open the Recovery menu, just like in step 1. However, now you need to select a different menu item and that is "Repair Apps".

Navigate all the way down with the volume buttons until the menu item is selected and then confirm this with the help of the "Power button".

Your Samsung Galaxy will now recompile and optimise all apps installed on the smartphone. This will usually result in the Samsung Galaxy running smoother and better again with Android 13.

You now know the procedure for easily fixing problems and errors after a firmware update to Android 13.

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