If you use the Skype app on your Android smartphone, it can happen that calls do not arrive and the smartphone does not ring. However, when you open the Skype app, you will see that there is a missed call.

If you find this issue with your Android smartphone, then this is due to an optimization feature of the Android system. Namely, apps are "battery optimized" so that they consume less power in the background. Skype, however, has to run in the background in order to receive calls. But the battery optimization prevents exactly that.

To solve the problem, please do the following:

Skype calls don't ring and calls are missed - here's how to fix it

Battery Usage Unrestricted Android

On the homescreen or in the app menu, long press with your finger on the Skype app. You will now see a small i icon in a circle. Select it. The app info will open.

Now select "Battery" here and then select the "Unrestricted" option. This will cause Skype to now continue to consume battery in the background. Battery consumption may be slightly increased as a result, however, this will allow you to receive Skype calls on your Android smartphone again.

Now close Skype once and then reopen the APp to make the setting effective.

You now know what to do if Skype calls are not coming in on your Android smartphone and you just have missed calls.


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