If you have chosen a Bering solar watch, you will first want to set the time after unpacking it. Once you have set the hands to the correct time, then you may notice that the hands do not move.

Don't worry, the reason for this is quickly explained and furthermore, we want to enlighten you here on how to start a Bering Solar watch and how long you need to charge it in order to take advantage of the maximum accuracy.

Bering Solar Watch - How to start it

Bering Solar Watch

The watches come in a watch box and no sunlight gets there. Therefore, in order for the watches to work, they first need light and preferably sunlight.

Hold your Bering Solar Watch for about 1 minute in the sun (in open air) or for about 10 minutes in a bright light source. (Incandescent lamp with 30W). This will cause the watch to start moving.

The battery will only be charged for a short time due to the low light influence. Therefore, you should expose the watch to a light source for as long as possible for maximum charging:

How long does a Bering Solar watch need to be charged for maximum movement time?

The following charging times apply when the Bering Solar Watch is illuminated in order to obtain the maximum run time of 6 months:

  • Office light: charging time 197 hours
  • 30W lamp 70 cm distance: 43 hours
  • Cloudy sky: 12 hours
  • Blue sky: 6 hours

Your Bering Solar Watch has the following battery features

Overcharge protection: If the maximum charge has been reached, then an overvoltage protection is activated, which protects the watch's battery from wear and tear.

No battery change necessary: A Bering Solar Watch battery lasts between 8 and 15 years.

So now you know how to start your Bering watch and how long it takes to charge the watch.


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