If you own a current Samsung Galaxy smartphone, you should turn it off from time to time to get the best performance. This is because restarting the Android system reloads temporary system files, which leads to improved system performance.

We would like to explain how to quickly restart the Samsung Galaxy smartphone Mega in this article:

How to quickly turn off the Samsung Galaxy

Power Menu off the Samsung Galaxy

1. Drag the status bar from the top into the display with two fingers.

2. Select the power off icon on the top right, as visible in the following screenshot.

3. The power menu is now displayed. Select "Power off" here to easily turn off the Samsung Galaxy without having to press a button.

How to quickly turn off the Samsung Galaxy

Afterwards, you can turn the device on again as usual by pressing the power button for a long time.

Thus, you know a mega fast solution to turn off a Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

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