The Samsung Galaxy S22 series is Samsung's flagship line and thus contains the best technology currently available on the market. With the S22 Ultra at the top, a photo camera has been integrated that leaves nothing to be desired for a smartphone.

Of course, pictures and videos are created on such a smartphone or high-resolution films in 4K as well as games are downloaded and viewed. All of this requires a lot of storage space. And that's why some of you will surely want to know:

Can the memory of the Samsung Galaxy S22 be expanded with a microSD memory card?

 MicroSD Slot Samsung Galaxy

Unfortunately, his is not possible for any of the models in the S22 series. Neither the S22, the S22 Plus nor the S22 Ultra have a microSD memory card slot on board, which is why you have to decide on a sufficiently large memory variant at the time of purchase.

Unfortunately, this is not nice, but it has been Samsung's policy for a few years now. We therefore recommend that you buy at least the 256GB version of the new Samsung Galaxy S22 models, as 128GB is definitely not enough these days.

Especially if you want to store pictures and videos on your smartphone for a longer period of time and don't want to transfer them to another medium straight away.

You now know that the Samsung Galaxy S22 no longer has an integrated microSD memory card slot and that you cannot expand the memory. 

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